Twitter Ban: Sanwo-Olu Suggests Dialogue

Speaking concerning the Twitter Ban in Nigeria, the Governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwo-Olu has advised the Federal Government to embark on a dialogue with Twitter so as to resolve the issues.

He said this during a television appearance show in Lagos today where he said, “Though, I will not want to join issues concerning the Twitter ban. Last week I was on a fact-finding tour to some of our technology hubs to encourage our players where we pledged to support them. We have research grants to support the sector which are in N20 million, N10 million, N5 million, and we did over N250 million last year. In terms of interventions, we are supporting them. We are building the biggest Information Communication Technology, ICT, the hub in Nigeria to be sited in Lagos.

“On the Twitter ban, I can’t sit here with all the responsibilities that I have and flay the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, who is having all the prognosis of the security I don’t have, I can’t begin to say what he has done is right or wrong.

“Albeit, on both sides there are issues that can be resolved by Twitter and our government. The action is not a ban but a suspension as they said. In view of this let us all sit down and have a conversation.

“If Twitter had to take his investment to a country with 5 million subscribers and not Nigeria with 40 million subscribers, this speaks to the reason why we also need to have that conversation. In other climes they sign underlining agreement before operations on the rules of engagement, I’m not sure if we have that here.

“Having said that, FG can handle this a lot better. A lot of e-commerce, a lot of youths doing digital stuff on the internet, we can not throw all these away and pretend nothing is happening. I believe there could be a lot of restraints and better management from both sides.

“And what I’m pleading is within the next two days let’s see that happen, let us come together and resolve it amicably, Lagos is hurting, our youths are hurting, Nigeria is hurting and let us understand that what are the issues in getting this behind us so that we don’t politicize it, people are losing monies, businesses, and economies are being destroyed.

“There are also the security issues, let us be circumspect, don’t let us throw the baby with the bathwater. And I’m ready to speak to it if I’m called upon to give quality advice on what I feel should be done.”

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