There’s A Big Force That Got Ondo State $350M FDI In Three Years

Imagine you thinking that Ondo State would fall under the states receiving zero foreign direct investment only for you to find out that the same Ondo State was a beneficiary of the huge sum of $350M in a span of three years from foreign direct investment. A huge shock; especially because Ondo State had almost become like the proverbial phrase in the Bible, “What good can come from Nazareth?” If you fall under the curious personality type, you are probably wondering how and who the big force in Ondo State is that achieved the remarkable investment feat.

If you are a big fan and follower of Ondo State news, it is certain that you will be very well familiar with industries such as OluwaGlass, Ifon Ceramic and Ile-Oluji Cocoa Plantation who had, at one point, beautified the state with industrialization prospects. However, the woes of mismanagement happened to them and they all disappeared; leaving Ondo State bare of industries and industrialization opportunities.

But recently, Ondo State has regained its stance and has sustained a track record of foreign direct investment with the help of a big force in conjunction with the Ondo State Government. This named big force is the Founder of Klick Konnect Networks, Chief Alexander Oluremi Ajipe and he facilitated over $350m Foreign Direct Investment to Ondo State with the establishment and management of Ondo-Linyi Industrial Hub.

The Ondo-Linyi Industrial Hub is a place of many industries – the Automobile Assembly Plant, the Paper Mill Factory, the Textile Company, the largest Cassava to Ethanol Factory in Nigeria, as well as the country’s first MDF Factory that produces high-density fibre and marine boards. Already, the hub houses almost 15 companies on various sectors and they include wood processing, textiles, exploration and agriculture.

What’s more? There is also a textile mill which produces sewing thread and polyester embroidery. Very soon, the textile mill will start to produce fabrics, lace and ankara. The wood mill in the hub produces plywood and an agro-allied chemical company .

The cassava to ethanol factory in the hub will require one million tons of cassava every year which means more money for cassava farmers. In furtherance of this, Klick Konnect Networks as a company has already engaged some farmers in the state to plant cassava in large quantities through an agricultural initiative tagged Cassava Revolution (CASSAREV) programme to further empower able youths in the state and beyond.

Currently, over 500 farmers have been engaged in cassava farming with proper training by IITA while Klick Konnect Networks provides all necessary materials like stem, tractor, herbicide and fertiliser to the farmers. The farmers are not left stranded as they also have access to micro loans. All these were birthed by the big force in Ondo State, Alex Oluremi Ajipe, not to talk of other developmental projects like the cassava to Ethanol Factory located in Igbaraoke, Elegbeka and Omotosho area of Ondo state which would be completed before the end of the year.

These projects speak a lot about the employment opportunities to youths in Ondo State; as the Ondo-Linyi industrial hub already employed over 1500 people of the State.

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