UPDATED: IRALEPO STOOL: Crisis Looms As Deji Of Akure Appoints Parallel Chief *A Joke Taking Too Far- New Iralepo

The Deji of Akure, Oba Aladelusi Aladetoyinbo has described as a joke and illegal, the selection of Prince Olugbenga Ojo as the new Iralepo of Isikan.

Oba Aladetoyinbo stated this while presenting another Iralepo of Isikan in Akure south local government, High Chief Adeyeye Henry Gbenga.

Prince Ojo emerged as the Iralepo-elect after a selection exercise which ended on Thursday at Saint Thomas’s event centre, Isinkan.

Report says Prince Ojo was selected ahead of 4 other princes.

It was gathered that Secretary to Akure south local government, Hon. Gbenga Fasua led local government officials to conduct the selection while 12 Kingmakers participated in the selection exercise.

It was also gathered that Prince Gbenga Ojo scored 7 votes to defeat Prince Gbenga Henry Adeyeye with 4 votes, Prince Ademola Adekanbi Obe Nil, Prince Michael Ajibola Obadunjoye Awelewa 1 and Prince Babatope Ojo had Nil.

Reacting, The Deji of Akure however pointed out that the reported selection of Prince Ojo was null and void as far as the kingdom was concerned.

Presenting the new iralepo to newsmen at his palace, Oba Aladetoyinbo said he had approved the appointment of Adeyeye Henry Gbenga on 4th of October, 2021

Represented by senior high chief Segun Adedipe, the elemo of Akure Kingdom, the Deji said the new iralepo’s appointment was based on favourable consideration and the unanimous decision of Aruwolasi Iralepo family of Isikan in Akure.

He said “It is my pleasure to welcome you to this important media briefing on the presentation of High Chief Adeyeye Henry Gbenga as the new Iralepo of Isikan in Akure South Local Government.

He said “It is important to re-emphasize that the late Iralepo of Isikan was a Quarter Chief and an active member of the Deji in-council until his death following the approval of his inclusion alongside the Osolo of Isolo, High Chief Edward Adejoyegbe Adewole by the Deji of Akure on 8th June, 2020.

“It is pertinent to clarify that the new Iralepo of Isikan is being installed as a Quarter Chief and the Head of Isikan Community in Akure and not a Traditional Ruler.

“You might have heard of the rumor flying around on the purported nomination of an Iralepo other than the one appointed by His Imperial Majesty who is empowered both traditionally and legally to make such appointment.

“The Palace wishes to urge you and the general public to disregard the move by some individuals who wants to make it look as if there is crisis.

“It is a mere joke taken too far as it has no place in the eyes of the law. It can only exist within the figment of the imagination of those behind such moves.

“With all sense of modesty, there is no ambiguity on the status of the Iralepo of ISIkan and Osolo of Isolo in Akure as the Court of Appeal in his judgment dated 6th March, 2012 with the suit case CA/B/ 129/2005 had laid it to rest.

“In the lead judgment of Justice Chinwe Eugenia Iyizoba, he affirmed that “they cannot be granted a status of an Oba without the sanction of the Deji of Akure Kingdom”.

“Justice Kudirat Montonmori Olatokunbo Kekere-Ekun and Justice Moore A.A Adumein also affirmed same.

“Gentlemen, we also briefed you when the supreme court made a pronouncement on this matter in a unanimous judgment made on 28‘h June, 2019 which affirmed the position of the Appeal Court.

“It is pertinent to state that the Deji despite all the Judgments remains magnanlmous in victory and had since extends the olive branch as a father to all.

“We wish to state emphatically without any iota of contradictions that there is no crisis on the installation of new Iralepo of Isikan as the Deji remains the only appointing and consenting authority for the appointment of Minor Chiefs, Olus, Baales and Olojas in all Akure Land.

“The appointment of the new Iralepo of Isikan therefore remains the prerogative of the Deji as no other person or institution(s) could exercise such either directly or through proxies.

His Imperial Majesty congratulate the good peeple of Isikan and wishes the new Iralepo of Isikan good health and God’s guidance as he steers the affairs of the Isikan Community.”

prince Olugbenga Ojo.

A Joke Taking Too Far- New Iralepo

The new Iralepo of Isinkan, Oba Oluwagbenga Adimula Ojo ARULEWOLASI III said what happened in the palace of Deji of Akure was a joke taking too far. He said “Never in history has Deji of Akure installed Iralepo of Isinkan.”

*My selection as Iralepo followed due process. Twelve kingmakers voted on Thursday in a selection exercise monitored by officials of Akure South Local government and I came first with seven votes. The Secretary to Akure South local government, Hon. Gbenga Fasua announced the result and all the contestants exchanged pleasantries, including Gbenga Adeyeye who came second with four votes.”

“Traditional rites have since commenced. The Uharefa of Isinkan have even invoked the Uha’lopo ceremony in accordance with tradition which confirmed me the Iralepo. No one can therefore foist just anybody on the community as their traditional rule. It is taboo,”

I appeal to the people of Isinkan not to be distracted or be provoked by the joke coming from the palace of the Deji”

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  1. You’re talking sense Sir, the new Iralepo prince Gbenga ojo. But why all these after the due processes has been taken care of prince Gbenga Henry was among the princes that contested on Thursday, is it because he was defeated that brought about all this cuz I believed that if he came first there would be nothing like real or fake. Please let call spade a spade give the throne to the owner. The new Iralepo monarch is prince Barr Gbenga ojo ( Kabiyesi ooo)

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