How CreditAll, One of Nigerian loan Sarks Ripping Masses With Unsolicited loan *My personal experience

CreditAll is on of the Nigerian loan apps who are subjected masses to serious physical and mental emotion, their representatives always subjected Nigerians to physical and mental tortures via abusive and derogatory words and I’m a living witness of such unprofessional behavior.

Some weeks ago, precisely, on Sunday morning,I woke up to see their credit alert on my phone, I was highly surprised because I did not requested for such loan from them.

Immediately I went to playstore to download the app to get their contact and hopefully to have a discussion with them. I was able to get a contact on the app and I made a call to them, I called the number severally to inform them of such creek gift sent to me, but they failed to pick my series calls.

I also went further by dropping message on their whatshapp, they did not reply my calls and I also dropped same message of notification of not requesting for loan from them.

Not yet done, I also sent sms in that regard, yet I got no response from them. I did this for about four days, Creditall failed to acknowledged my message but after a week one of their representatives called to inform me of the loan I collected from them and I told him outrighly that I did not request for any loan from them and immediately I returned the money sent to me to their account.

However, after two days, another representatives from this loan app told me that I should pay the interest on the money, I also vehemently told him that I’m not owing them a kobo.

This last Sunday, another representative of this app called me about the said interest and also told her that I did not request for any loan from them, this lady admitted that sometimes their app do credited customers who are not indebted to them without their consent.

But, this very afternoon another rep of the app also messaged me on whatshap that due to my inability to pay the interest on the loan that I did not request for, Creditall shall tag me a fraudster and inform all my the contacts on my phone that I defrauded them.

This lady also used some unprinted words like animal, bastard, stupid and fool on me. She also promised to inform all my contacts that im a fraudster.

I think, this is what many Nigerians are passing through in the hand of this app, why would a loan would be given to person without his knowledge, this is high time the government should take drastic step on some of this loan app who are making life difficult to Nigerians

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