A Noble Call to Honour: DG APC National Youths and Women Tasks Force and His Incentive for Recognition

A Noble Call to Honour: DG APC National Youths and Women Tasks Force and His Incentive for Recognition

In the bustling terrain of Nigerian politics, only a few can withstand the heat and turbulence that emanate from this pulsating space. It stands as a testament to the tenacity and courage of those who are able to remain resilient in the gruelling journey towards political survival and success. One such individual is Ambassador Maxwell Adeyeri, the Director-General of APC National Youths and Women Tasks Force. Ambassador Adeyeri’s recent call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to reward all national coordinators and leaders of support groups with board memberships is a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of recognition and reward in galvanising political support.

The ethos of Ambassador Adeyeri’s incentive for recognition is deeply rooted in the primeval philosophy that success is built on the foundation of mutual respect and reward. It is not an unfamiliar sight to witness zealous followers pledging their support to politicians, and what better way to reciprocate this loyalty than in the form of tangible recognition? As Sun Tzu famously stated in ‘The Art of War’, “treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”

The subsequent question that arises is on the achievability of the proposed initiative. Certainly, incorporating the national coordinators and leaders of support groups into board memberships could potentially induce an increase in organisational challenges due to the swollen numbers. However, the benefits significantly outweigh the drawbacks. The inclusion of these individuals would introduce fresh voices and perspectives into the system, ultimately leading to holistic and diverse decision-making. Additionally, this move would inherently serve as a potent motivator, encouraging leaders under Adeyeri’s watch to put in their utmost efforts, thus enhancing the overall productivity of their respective politically affiliated organisations.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has long been revered in the Nigerian political landscape for his strategic acuity and focused vision. The current push by Ambassador Adeyeri perfectly aligns with these attributes, thus emphasising its feasibility even further. As a seasoned leader, Tinubu has amply demonstrated his ability to effectively galvanise his rank and file in the face of odds. Therefore, acknowledging the efforts of the national coordinators and leaders of support groups through the bestowal of board memberships is certainly not beyond his capability.

Supporters are integral to any political pursuit. They form the backbone of a campaign, tirelessly canvassing for votes and unswervingly propagating the political agenda. Nigeria, a democratic nation, places an incredible amount of value on their voices, the voices of its citizens. Thus, rewarding these die-hard followers with admiration and honour is not only morally justifiable but also politically prudent.

In conclusion, Ambassador Maxwell Adeyeri’s well-timed encouragement should not fall into the abyss of the numerous political concerns but rather should be acted upon immediately. The potential for galvanising further support for the APC party is immense, and the initiative is rooted in a universally accepted notion that rewards serve as a powerful motivation for excellent works. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu should honour these worthy individuals who have striven for the party’s growth with inexhaustible dedication by rewarding them with board memberships. After all, a leader is only as strong as the team that stands behind him, and what better evidence of a worthy leader than one who recognises and rewards his people?!

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